Leave an IMPACT with your images.

Leave an IMPACT with your images. For example with the image you see below, I wanted to really grab your attention with the glistening light on the chicken and for you the viewer to be able imagine the creamy pasta dish right in front of you. In doing so, It can then trigger a sensation to savor the taste of this wonderful dish. To do so took staging lights, prepping the dish properly, and a bit of work in post production. No matter what your medium, you can rest assured that you must prepare, and/or you must be READY to capture your shot. KNOW what you want to get across, and think of multiple ways to convey that message without the use of words. . . My job is to convey messages with Video, or Photo that get the job done. I just happen to thoroughly enjoy it! So whether you are capturing someones special moment -- Capturing the LOVE of a Father -- or Just some Classy Intense photos for a Model, Keep one thing in mind. ALWAYS make an IMPACT with your images.


This is our 1st OFFICIAL Blog Post. Stay connected for MUCH MORE.

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